Volunteers at COHH

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2. Save Application to desk top
3. Email desk top Application to cohh2004@gmail.com

Want To Become A Volunteer?
The Center of Hope (Haiti) is supported by volunteers in every aspect of its activities, starting with its Board of Directors and Advisory Board. All of our financial support comes from individual and business contributors. We appreciate the many requests that we receive from individuals that would like to volunteer with us. However, we are financially constrained to accept all of the requests. As a result, we are only able to accept requests for site visits from select volunteers who can contribute value to our efforts that exceed our costs to accommodate the volunteers.

We are seeking volunteers that can help with teaching elementary grades and the development of our educational curriculum and administrative policies and procedures. We are also seeking volunteers with trade skills, such painter, tiler, plumber, electrician or carpenter. We also welcome medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, dentist and opthalmologists.  We will provide transportation between Port Au Prince airport and the orphanage site in Hinche. We will also provide room and board for the period of your stay in exchange for your services. 

Each volunteer must complete our online Volunteer Application, submit a resume, two personal references and a Letter of Good Conduct (or equivalent) from your local police department. If you are accepted as a volunteer, we will also require a passport size photo. Please consult your local doctor for information regarding shots and other medical information.