Wisny Geffrard - Director of Field Operations

Wisny Geffrard

Wisny Geffrard is the Director of Field Operations. He is responsible for the administrative operations of the orphanage in Hinche, Haiti. Mr. Geffrard is one of the original founders of the COHH and was responsible for oversight of the construction of the project. Mr. Geffrard, a native of Mirebalais, lives in Hinche, Haiti with his wife Marie Samuelle and son, Soëren Wissamuel. He was educated at the “Siloe Primary School” and the “Lycée National De Mirebalais.” He graduated from the Northern Christian University Of Haiti with a major in Theology.  He was ordained in May 2000 at the Philadelphia Baptist Church in Mirebalais. He moved to Hinche in 2002 to work at the Center of Hope (Haiti) site.